It performed much better than the other small, inexpensive purifiers in our air cleaning tests, earning it our Top Pick for Small Rooms Award. In terms of odor reduction the AC did very little in our testing, with almost no appreciable change in our testing room’s smoky musk. The overall dimensions are 7. In this article we break down every decision you need to Located on the front is a botton to turn this feature on or off. However, it does not mean it is not worth buying.

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If you are used to a sound machine, the noise from this purifier should not bother you. Its ability to remove mild household odors has pleased many consumers.

GermGuardian AC Review A compact model ca4100 decent performance that is adequate for small square foot rooms. The CADR is 64 for pollen that indicates it is designed to purify air in small spaces. There are no sensors or automation modes. Home About Contact Privacy Policy.

After 30 minutes in a smoke filled room the AC had managed to reduce airborne particulate counts by If you are planning to buy a table top air purifier then you should look into the GermGuardian AC The AC has NO ionizer.

Often found in paint and sunscreen, this unreactive, solid material reacts with sunlight and can kill bacteria when lit by ultraviolet light. However, it is a normal fan noise that is more like ac100 white noise. Not all customer reviews are ac410. In this article we break down every decision you need to Bottom line, the AC is fairly effective at air cleaning, but it is slow.

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GermGuardian AC4100 Review

In addition to the HEPA and charcoal filtration sytem, it has a UV-C light that works with titanium dioxide to tackle airborne germs and bacteria. While there is evidence that industrial UV air purifiers in hospitals can be beneficial ac41100 patients, there isn’t any conclusive evidence that the same technology is effective in small home purifiers.

How to Choose an Air Purifier Confused about which air purifier will work best for you? But if you are in the market for a compact air purifying system that works well in purifying the air in a ac1400 office or bathroom, then the GermGuardian AC is worth considering. Its CADR rating of 64 only makes it suitable for rooms of square feet or less. If your guests have allergies you can run it for a couple days before they get there and hopefully give them some good sleep while they visit.

However, it does not mean it is not worth buying. It would likely be able to clean the air effectively in a larger room if you let it run for a couple of days.

It is recommended to replace the hepa filter every months months depending on how contaminated the air is. Considering its compact size, the AC performed quite well in our air cleaning tests.


Is The GermGuardian AC 3-in-1 Air Purifier Any Good?

It also lost some points because it did create a faint plastic smell for the first few hours that we ran it, but that smell eventually dissipated. Despite the criticisms that have been leveled at this product, the majority of customers have been satisfied with their purchase.

Read on to see if it is a good fit. As you know, HEPA filters come in grades. This device is something that you can put on a small kitchen to get rid of food smells after cooking. The standard, two prong AC plug fits into a V plug outlet. Ca4100 price, availability and user ratings on Amazon.

xc4100 Titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst. While we found small purifiers to generally not perform as well as their larger brethren, the GermGuardian AC was the best of the compact contingent.

It is wc4100 and very light, something that you can move from room to room. It’s only big downside is the noise it makes, which isn’t grating, but might annoy those that are sensitive to noise. Also keep in mind that this model is not ideal for larger areas and heavy odors.