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However, users have reported mixed success in actually overclocking their Athlons. It seemed to be happy there! You can do proper overclocking with the A7A now, but it’s not quite plain sailing. I used a AMD 1. I used a 1. Air-cooled overclockers are weenies!

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Not one problem here! If that doesn’t work – or asus a7a266 you set a BIOS asus a7a266 and then forget what it is – the normal strategy is to unplug the computer and use a jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS memory and set everything back to defaults. While Intel and their oddly pigmented henchmen try to persuade the world that nothing as expensive as a Pentium 4 could possibly be a bad buy, AMD have been quietly plugging along with the Athlon and Duron.

There’s asus a7a266 a connector for Asus’ “iPanel”, an optional display that sits in a 5.

Asus A7A266, AMD (A7A226) Motherboard

However, applications-based tests indicated that the real world performance difference outside of games was relatively small. The CPU socket doesn’t have any filter capacitors hard up against it, so pretty much any cooler, no matter how preposterous, ought to fit. As my Voodoo 3 just doesn’t cut asus a7a266 anymore!

The motherboard probably won’t care, but some of your asus a7a266 components – cards, drives – might. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.


This is handy, when you’re I asus a7a266 an Antec SX case that has lots of room. I used a 1. It seemed to be asux there! And there’s the usual complement of internal input connectors so you can connect other gadgets’ sound output to the built in sound hardware – Asus a7a266 audio, modem, Aux and internal microphone. And those are name-brand modules, delivered.

If you’re happy to buy DDR memory along with your new motherboard, though, there’s no point spending more money to get a board with only two DDR slots aus three SDR slots you’re not going to use. Or if you want to go all out, then add a Thunderbird and DDR. Asus a7a266 might as well make use asus a7a266 that old 64 or 32Mb module, if you’ve got a slot to put it in.

It seemed to be just an electrical problem – a dud socket, perhaps, or a cracked trace on the motherboard – and it’s asus a7a266 something I’ve heard anybody else report. Most Socket A CPUs are multiplier locked, anyway; you need to reconnect some asus a7a266 on the top of the chip to make multiplier adjustment possible at all, as I explain in my earlier motherboard review here.

Now, It’s time to fire it up! It helped some, but I don’t asus a7a266 running an unfiltered case! Great motherboard for the price.

ASUS A7AE – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

My review board had a defect – the right sound channel didn’t work. What if asus a7a266 have to upgrade now, though? The lack of multiplier adjustment asus a7a266 as aa7a266 as it used to be, though.

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I reviewed the original A7V here and the asus a7a266 with more switches here. Older Athlon motherboards of various flavours weren’t much good for FSB overclocking.

When over-clocking it loaded and ran everything asus a7a266 a problem. There are two qsus for extra USB ports, each of which lets you add two more back-panel USB ports to the two already mounted on the motherboard.

Asus a7a266 overclockers are weenies!

Asus A7A266 motherboard

But it’s about time for an upgrade anyway. I had the fsb at Mhz for a little while, but a cpu temp of F with almost no load was just too much for me. The A7A ran our benchmark tests with no asus a7a266 or glitches in our limited configuration. Asus a7a266 people who asus a7a266 use of three or more memory slots do so because they’re recycling smaller modules from another computer.

Lets have a look! It just kept rebooting into windows and the power switch would not work.