PDT to help you learn more about what you can do with HomePod. The icon display is quite simple, and fairly self explanatory. Share your view with a Review! As it copies, it shows an icon detailing the type of memory card installed, as well as the percentage of copying performed. The Goods The LCD display is backlit by a brilliant blue light, and I reckon it’s bright enough to be used as a flashlight in case of emergency, though only at a range of a few centimetres.

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May 21, Posts: I have a Smartdisk Photobank photobani pb40 smartdisk photobank I use for transfering photos from my Camera SD card, in other words an external hard drive.

SmartDisk PhotoBank Manuals

Reply Smartcisk Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. There is virtually no set up, and it ships with smartdisk photobank built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so there are no batteries to replace.

Must enter a valid email address Sign in to your Account smartdisk photobank password? Connecting to smartdisk photobank host When connected to a PC host, such as a laptop running Windows XP, the smartdisk photobank readers show up as removable disks in My Computer, smartdisk photobank the unit itself shows up as a hard disk drive. Must enter a valid email address Password must not be left blank.

I believe that it isn’t compatible with my iMac Once, the copy process is started, you can’t stop the copy with another press of the copy button or the power button.

If it matters at all, original is at http: When you power on the unit, you can then insert your memory card and the Digital Photo Bank will detail the amount of memory on the card as well as the amount of disk space remaining on the drive. This is good in a one specific way – unless you knock the card out when you put it away while copying, it’ll run until the copy is done, and then turn off once it’s been idle smartdisk photobank 60 seconds. The power switch is slightly raised above the smartdisk photobank, so being in a bag with knobbly bits might continually power it up and down.


The memory card slots are built along the sides of the device.

The icon display is quite simple, and fairly self explanatory. The Konica-Minolta 5D chewed all the way through one battery, and into the smartdisk photobank battery in the course of the day.

I have a Smartdisk Photobank model pb40 t… – Apple Community

This page is here for your reference. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. The only possibility that could cause it to smartdjsk work is if it draws too much USB power. That’ll clear a 1 GB card smartdis about 6 minutes, which really isn’t too bad.

Subscribe to Vistek Imaging eNews and be on the leading edge of the latest product news, smartdisk photobank and smartdisk photobank offers from Vistek. First Name must not be left blank. PB40 This item is no longer available. In that case you would need an AC powered hub. Based on the weight, I’ll be keeping it in the back or top pocket of my Lowepro Slingshot smartdisk photobank.

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Ask a question Reset. Empirical testing says it does a recursive copy from the smartdisk photobank of the card.

SmartDisk PhotoBank 40GB External (PB40)

Unfortunately, the carrying case only has a stiff back, and soft fabric sides, so even in phorobank casing smartdisk photobank switch can be activated. Must enter a valid postal smartdisk photobank zip code. Work paid a bonus this month, and I decided to finally get myself a portable photo wallet for when I’m at events like RIATwithout Mum’s jukebox to offload on to.

It connects via USB, so it should work. If I’m shooting anything else, such as bees, planes or people, I’m liable to bracket my smartdisk photobank, or use continuous shooting to get multiple shots.

SmartDisk PhotoBank 40GB External (PB40) | eBay

Has anyone smartdisk photobank this problem? The manual claims you can disconnect it without worry, though I’ve seen Windows get a bit annoyed when USB devices are removed mid-use. While the LCD on the back of my KM 5D really isn’t good enough for reviewing the photos, I’m operating photobxnk the assumption that if I was taking a one-time-only smartdisk photobank, it doesn’t matter if I can’t review it on the photo wallet, as there’s nothing I phitobank do about it if the photo is bad.