Two hands are required which really sucks bad!! Spend just a couple more bucks and get a much better phone. With having such a stripped down phone the battery life is stellar, upwards of 10hr talk and 1 week stand buy you can forget the charger on vacation and still be fine. Needs charged every other day. I had a Sony Ericsson Za for two years until I waterlogged it while washing my car.

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It has served its purpose for me, answering calls and texting. The Z is a very basic phone, just having a 0. ComiXology Ericsspn of Digital Comics.

Sony Ericsson Za Reviews, Features and Downloads

Needs charged every other day. I bought this phone from fido a year and a month ago, This summer as you all know it sony ericsson z310a raining alot so i was camping and it started to rain and my phone got a little wet in my pocket sony ericsson z310a i tried and turn on but it wouldnt turn on I thought it was a defect but when I exchanged it for a new one I liked a lot of the neat little features it has as far as the lights on the side and the display on the front.


Change themes at a specified time – one appearance at work, another in sony ericsson z310a leisure time. It is not unique to this device eriicsson it is not too hard to locate. In this day in age with all the full feature phones, its nice to have a basic phone thats just a phone every now and a again.

Sony Ericsson Z310a

Two hands are required which really sucks bad!! Sny Description Product Overview Offering an innovative polished finish, the Sony Ericsson Za’s front icon display is integrated into the design, hidden discretely beneath the surface until a message or call is received. Flipping the phone open sony ericsson z310a your thumb or by flicking your wrist is impossible. Overview Specifications Reviews 7 News 1. I think I’m one of the few who sony ericsson z310a seem to like this phone.

Sony Ericsson Za Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

Prices Where to Buy. Now what the Z does and does well, is being a phone. The Zi allows for custom screensavers, backgrounds, and themes to sony ericsson z310a set up to fit your personality.

If you can get away with not having these features that I personally find key to a phone, than the Sony Ericsson Za is the simple phone that’s sony ericsson z310a up your alley. Shows some signs of wear from normal use. This phone fails miserably in all 3 aspects. Condition definitions Perfect Sony ericsson z310a Flawlessly; Looks like it has never been used. Recent video for Eeicsson.


Personalize with light effects. I have Ericsson Za problems.

Sony Ericsson Z310

Internal memory is 14 MB. Select Service info 4. You may also like. Common Questions When is the release date? I suggest you do not purchase this phone.

What the Critics Are Saying So far I haven’t drop The Zi uses an internal antenna–leaving nothing to snag or break off–and a five-way button just above the dial pad is used to control most of the phone’s menus sony ericsson z310a features. Functions Flawlessly; Looks like it has never been used. I would not purchase this again.

Not worth the savings at all