The unit sports a maximum print resolution of x dpi, and can print colour or text documents at a speed of up to 17 pages per minute. I wonder if more recent Lexmark models have had this problem re-engineered. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Rob, you’re a star! What it is — and what it isn’t. Thanks for the advice. At least until you exhaust all options.

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Nice and easy fix. Thank x3470 lexmark for providing the info on this fix, after disconnecting ribbon and fine cables was able to wiggle scanner free.

Download Lexmark X Printer Driver for Windows 7

Thank you all for your help. Note that there is a pointy bit on the lid The manager called me to x3470 lexmark I x3470 lexmark be looked after if I called one of Lexmark’s managers whose name he gave to me.

I was confused on how to put the white part on and I kept trying to look up the x3470 lexmark way, but finally I gave up and shoved it in. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer software. Lexmark promises that the X can produce a borderless 4×6-inch print in 38 seconds. I had a pleasant conversation with this x3470 lexmark who agreed to send out another printer this one WORKS fine.


These include a X3470 lexmark port and multi-format memory card reader for PC-less printingas well as Lexmark photo editing software that features one-touch red-eye removal and colour fixing.

X Lexmark | FixYourOwnPrinter

I haven’t printed or scanned anything since but the lexmrk it has no more errors so far. Attractive and feature-rich, x3470 lexmark X is a great mid-range photo printer. Other than this switch, the printer has worked well. Same issue, only the small x3470 lexmark pivot points on the nylon switch seem to have sheered off somehow, rendering it unable to snap back on the switch mount. The x3470 lexmark button automatically comes on when I plug in the printer.

X347 right in place! I have four pictures of the repair. I called Lexmark support but unfortunately my helper was an Asian girl who didn’t have a good grasp of English to be handling complaints.

For x3470 lexmark brave of foolish ones who like to do surgery, here goes. Yet the main attraction is its photo printing capabilities. No sooner had I fixed it the first time then it fell off again!

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Thanks for the direction guys, it worked a treat for x3470 lexmark too. Please give me lexark real solution to refill this printer cartrige. I would love to see those pictures, I am still having trouble trying to x3470 lexmark out how to remove the cover.


Anyone know how I can fix this? The “Web toolbar” function is perhaps the X’s most interesting software feature. X3470 lexmark suppose that it is possible x3470 lexmark part of that switch or lever broke, or the switch itself is bad.

Lexmark X3470

I have opened and closed the cover. I’m still struggling with getting the scanner hinges to let go in order to lexjark x3470 lexmark, but that’s a function of not having another set of hands at the moment.

Once the arm that is part of the removed scanner activates the white lever, the white lever will stay down. X3470 lexmark you very much. What a design flaw!

This Worked, I picked this device for 3. Did x3470 lexmark ever receive help for your paper feed problem? Can you help me figure out what to do?